Service and warranty
10 year manufacturer’s warranty on beauty & treatment chairs.
We have a full 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is far more than the legal warranty, which is usually with the average supplier (1 or 2 year warranty). This additional warranty applies to our products when these are serviced as prescribed in the user manual. If a defect occurs within 10 years of purchase, we will replace the part free of charge. This applies to all parts such as heating, motors, control box or for example construction problems. If you do not have a service agreement, treatment chairs are guaranteed for 3 years. This does not apply to upholstery, here the warrenty is 1 year.

For equipment/accessories not purchased in connection with a treatment chair or missing maintenance and service, the warranty is 1 year.
However, there may be an additional factory warranty on some of the products. For LINAK controls & actuators, for example, a 3-year warranty rule applies.

Maintenance + Service
We do not provide free maintenance for our products, but for the first two years our service is free if something makes noise or creaks. After this, you must ensure that your equipment is serviced min. every two years to keep the 10-year warranty period. 1. service must be completed when the product is max. 30 months.

For example, some of our customers (often companies with several products) have preventive services carried out so that they can always work without problems. During service, for example, batteries in bluetooth devices are replaced and all nuts and bolts are lubricated and inspected.

When can you expect any costs?
Has the product been misused, not maintained, is it showing signs of wear or has the product been damaged and therefore become defective? Then it is common that you have to pay the repair costs yourself. The parts covered by the manufacturer’s warranty also do not have an eternal life, so if something happens to them after 10 years, there will also be costs associated with this.

Lifetime use.
After 10 years, you may want to change to a new product. However, it is possible to replace all parts of your CHANGE product and thus give it new life.

We offer a special kit which is easy to change, so you can expect a new 10-year warranty period.

The next 50 years.
The lifetime use and warrenty is valid for as long as you own the product. The lifetime guarantee cannot be transferred to a third party. This type of lifetime warranty is only valid if you buy the warranty kit and if you follow the service program. Your product will be covered under warranty for as long as you own it, whether it be five or fifty years.

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