Lumbar pillow


  • EUR: 83,77€

Experience ultimate comfort with our SILVERGUARD lumbar pillow. Waterproof, antibacterial, and stain-resistant. Ideal for indoor/outdoor use. Enhance lying comfort and style with our durable upholstery fabric.

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Lumbar pillow

Used to improve lying comfort for people with very slouchy backs.
The lumbar pillow is made of cold foam covered with SILVERGUARD synthetic leather.

Please select a color: Silverguard is a superior artificial leather with a subtle woven texture and a metallic finish. The vinyl material has many qualities, being waterproof, antibacterial and resistant to wear, UV light and stains. This makes it highly suitable as a durable, stylish and low maintenance upholstery fabric for both indoor and outdoor use.

The lumbar pillow is available in no less than 60 beautiful colours, ranging from beige and white, to black and anthracite.

• Anti static
• Antimicrobial
• Can be cleaned with bleach
• Stain resistant
• Sulfide resistant
• Waterproof
• Fire retardant
• Durable
• IMO MED Certified
• Reach Compliant

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