CHANGE 3 electric facial treatment chair with rental agreement


  • EUR: 93,06€

CHANGE Electric treatment chair from SUNTEC with Danish LINAK motors ensures maximum comfort and safety for facial treatments.

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CHANGE 3 – electric facial treatment chair

Here we give you the opportunity to rent your treatment chair.

✓ Up to 10-year warranty Service included
✓ Customize as per your choice
✓ Available in 60 different colours
✓ 50% refund if purchased within 24 months

We have already assembled the beautician’s chair so that it fits most people. All you have to do is choose a color.

The chair is delivered as follows.
Swivel armrests
Square headrest
Adjustable neck pillow
Hole cushion

Removable headrest with cutout for massage.
Removable legrest.
Neck and footrest holder made of metal.
LINAK bluetooth operation.
Memory functions x2.
RESET function to return the chair to zero.
Safety lock system (child lock).
Removable, reversible and swiveling armrests.
12 cm foam padding.
Fast and ultra dim engines.
Electric height adjustment IRS™ teknologi (Intelligent Rachet Spline Solution). Detect stop reverse.

Length 182 – 222 cm.
Width with armrests 83 cm.
Seat width 62cm.
Height 59 – 101 cm.
Weight 95 kg. without additional equipment.
Max. Load 200 kg.



Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 140 × 80 × 100 cm

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