CHANGE 4 – electric treatment chair


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CHANGE electric treatment chairs from SUNTEC Medical in Denmark, meets European standards, has 4-6 LINAK motors. Future-proof, never needing a new chair, even if space, color and style change.

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CHANGE – Electric treatment chair

CHANGE electric treatment chair from SUNTEC medical is manufactured in Denmark according to all European safety and quality standards and equipped with 4-6 high-quality LINAK motors. SUNTEC medical offers a flexible chair with very high safety and optional extra functions. Up to 10-year warranty on all parts (upholstery excepted). All parts are tried, tested and meet international medical standards.

It is future-proof.
With a CHANGE electric treatment chair, the future is secure, you will never need to buy a new chair again. Even if you change rooms and thus perhaps color and get a whole new style in the clinic. CHANGE gives you the option to change the color (up to 60 different) of your chair as crazy as you want. You only have to loosen 4 screws and the rest is plug & play.

Quality steel and plastic.
CHANGE chairs are made from a high-quality laser-cut metal frame that is galvanized. All screens are made of 4 mm injection molded UV-resistant polycarbonate. The chair’s parts are water resistant and can also withstand standing outdoors. Together, this results in a product of very high quality and with a very long service life.

✓ Up to 10-year warranty
✓ Customize as per your choice
✓ Available in 60 different colours
✓ Low entry height

The use of LINAK® actuator solutions for CHANGE electric chairs ensures greater comfort, improves the ergonomics of those who work with them and offers numerous advantages.
As standard, a bluetooth hand-held remote control is offered with menory functions that control height, back, leg and trendelenburg (tilt) and also reverse trendelenburg.

If you want a foot controller, one can be purchased as individual functions. All operating methods are cord-free as standard, and all help to minimize the risk of tripping over cords, and are ideal when staff need to be able to work unobstructed all around the customer/patient.

Autodrive (extra equipment) is a small device that can be used to create automatic driving of memory positions. Once the module is installed, you can move the chair to the desired position with just one press of the remote control or the foot pedal.

Additional equipment.
CHANGE chairs comes with electric neck and leg extension as an option. These functions are controlled from the small control panel which is in the immediate vicinity of the neck or the footrest. There is an option for a holder for a paper roll. This can be placed as desired in one of the 4 corners of the chair.

CHANGE also offers the option of connecting a magnifying lamp directly to a holder on the bed. Also offered as plug & play, for example, storage tables that provide extra width on the side of the backrest for eyelash extensions.

Mattress in cold foam.
The basis of all CHANGE pads is molded cold foam which forms the lower part of our padding. This type of foam has a perforated cell structure, so there is space between the cells. Think of it as a kind of gingerbread structure. When weight is placed on cold foam, the cells do not press against each other, but past each other. This makes it more resistant and, above all, it lasts much longer.

Memory foam on top.
The top layer is made of memory foam. This is a foam that reacts to body heat and forms a shape that fits around the body and completely distributes the body weight.

The whole thing is wrapped in anti-bacterial SILVERGUARD artificial leather.
SILVERGUARD is a superior artificial leather with a subtle woven texture and a metallic finish. The vinyl material has many qualities, being waterproof, antibacterial and resistant to wear, UV light and stains. This makes it particularly suitable as a durable, stylish and easy-to-maintain furniture fabric for both indoor and outdoor use.

Available in no less than 60 beautiful colours, from beige and white to black and anthracite.

With SILVERGUARD, you are guaranteed high-quality padding for optimal and durable comfort. It meets the strictest international fire safety standards and is suitable for rooms where optimal hygiene is important.

The CHANGE chair has many different options for adaptation to suit your wishes. We offer several different types of neck and foot supports. It is also possible to connect storage tables for e.g. eyelash extensions directly to the back of the chair.

Electrically removable headrest with cutout for massage.
Electric removable legrest.
Neck and footrest holder made of metal.
LINAK bluetooth operation.
Memory functions x2.
RESET-funktion for at bringe stolen tilbage til nulstilling.
Safety lock system (child lock).
Under bed lighting.
Removable, reversible and swiveling armrests.
Connection for magnifying lamp.
Connection for storage tables.
Paper roll holder.
12 cm foam padding.
Fast and ultra dim engines.
Electric height adjustment IRS™ teknologi (Intelligent Rachet Spline Solution). Detect stop reverse.
Electrically adjustable backrest.
Electrically adjustable leg part.
Electric tilt function. Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg

Length 182 – 222 cm.
Width with armrests 83 cm.
Seat width 62cm.
Height 59 – 101 cm.
Weight 95 kg. without additional equipment.
Max. Load 200 kg.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 140 × 80 × 100 cm

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