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FS3 is a foot switch control designed for medical equipment and healthcare applicatison. It allows staff / practitioners to have both hands free. This highly ergonomic control comes with one channel as standard wireless version.

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FS3 – the ergonomic foot switch.

The foot switch is an elegant operating device that can be used by healthcare workers who need to have both hands free when treating a patient. This provides better ergonomics at work.

It is designed for use in modular adjustment systems with control boxes and electric actuators.

FS3 was developed in collaboration with end users. It was designed with the aim of making it easier to control applications. These can be hospital beds, treatment beds, tables and various treatment chairs. The result is a very user-friendly and easy-to-clean unit in an elegant and aesthetic design.

At the same time, the FS3 is a very robust and durable foot switch, and it is available in both a single and a double version. With the double version, it is possible to add and control several motion solutions, which is often used in advanced applications.

The FS3 is supplied in a digital OpenBus™ version. Wireless applications where the risk of tripping and freedom in the design is highly valued.

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